We bring you a series of general questions that can answer some of your questions before contacting us.

What is the direction and location of the studio?2020-10-27T07:56:20+01:00
  • C/ Antoni Gaudí
    25337 Bellcaire d’Urgell (Lleida)

What is the studio schedule?2020-10-27T07:55:30+01:00

The office hours of the studio are from 09:00 to 20:00 from Monday to Friday, although visits and sessions are scheduled from Monday to Sunday.

How can I contact someone in the studio to make inquiries?2020-10-27T07:54:05+01:00

The best way is to call the phone number 630833299 or by sending an email to [email protected]

I am interested in the studio, could I do a personal or group visit?2020-10-27T07:52:27+01:00

We will be happy to welcome you! Contact us by phone at 630833299 or by sending an email to [email protected].

Is there a charge for making a query?2020-10-26T17:30:03+01:00

No way!! Any questions you have about our projects are completely free.

What is the difference between the studio rooms?2020-10-26T17:29:16+01:00

Each room is designed to perform different types of recordings. Drums, amplifier room, vocals, group recordings, …

Who designed the studio?2020-10-26T17:28:38+01:00

The design of the studio was done together with the engineer Josep Maria Riera, who has a lot of experience in issues related to sound insulation and conditioning.

What type of equipment does the studio have?2020-10-26T17:28:08+01:00

You will find all the detailed information in our Studio section and you will be able to know the complete list of the equipment that we have to record, edit, refine, mix and master.

What type of microphones does the studio have?2020-10-26T17:27:31+01:00

We have a wide range of microphones that you can consult in the Studio section of our website.

What is a recording session like?2020-10-26T17:26:18+01:00

This depends a lot on the type of recording you want to make.

  • For Hip Hop, Rap, R&B, Pop, or voice recordings, we will only need one room. You will need to prepare your microphone with the track to be recorded and get to work.
  • For Bands, Choirs, Jazz or other types of group recordings, we will use all the rooms in the studio. We will prepare the microphone with the monitoring system, the recording session in the Pro Tools and we will start recording. We work very closely with artists to achieve a perfect end product.
What is an Audio Engineer?2020-10-26T17:25:08+01:00

An audio engineer is a professional with the skills to get the best results, with the equipment at his disposal, from any singer, instrumentalist or musician he records.

What role does an audio engineer play in a recording session?2020-10-26T17:23:43+01:00

During recording sessions, an engineer can take on two roles depending on what the artist needs and wants. An audio engineer can have the role of producer or co-producer to help the artist develop their music and define their sound. Or you can just record the artist and just stay tuned that everything referring to the technical part goes perfectly.

Who is the audio engineer at Smart Mix Studio?2020-10-26T17:22:52+01:00

The manager of Smart Mix Studio is Jordi Salvadó. If you want to know more about the owner and founder of Smart Mix Studio, visit the About Us section of our website.

What types of genres do you record?2020-10-26T17:21:38+01:00

We record everything !! We have experience in Pop, Rock, Classical, Jazz, Choirs, Country, Folk, Metal, Blues, Hip Hop, Rumba, Flamenco, Alternative, Punk, Hardcore, Acoustics, Direct, Progressive Rock, etc.

Apart from music, we also record commercial voices, voiceovers, effects, audio books, and more.

I want to record a song, how do I get started?2020-10-26T17:19:45+01:00

Fantastic !! To get started, contact us via our phone 630833299 or our email [email protected], and we will talk in detail about your project. You can also use our contact form on the website, to describe what you need and we will contact you within 24 hours.

How do I book a session?2020-10-26T17:18:31+01:00

Contact us by phone at 630833299 to find out the availability of the studio. Payment for the sessions is made in cash or via Paypal.

How much does it cost to make a recording?2020-10-26T17:17:58+01:00

It depends on many factors. Contact us through our phone 630833299 and tell us the details:

  • What musical genre is it?
  • How many voices or instruments?
  • How many songs do you want to record?

With this information we can tell you how we can do it and we can approximate how long it will take to record and what it will cost you.

Why don’t you post your rates?2020-10-26T17:16:19+01:00

We have set prices for each type of production, but they depend on the time and amount of songs you want us to work with. We also have packages of days or occasional offers that we can have at any time. It is best that you contact us via our phone 630833299 and we will be able to give you an exact quote of what you need.

Do you make special offers or packs?2020-10-26T17:15:24+01:00

We periodically offer discounts for production types. If you want to stay up to date, it’s best to follow us on Facebook or Instagram, or subscribe to our Newsletter.

How and when is the payment made?2020-10-26T17:14:11+01:00

Usually, especially in long productions, we divide the payment into three installments. 30% in the reservation of the dates, another 30% the week in which the production begins and the remaining 40%, at the end of the production.

In the event that, due to any unforeseen circumstances, the dates have to be modified, in no case will the payment of the reservation be lost. We will simply change the dates.

Payment can be made in cash or via PayPal.

I want to make a recording, but I need help with my project. Can you help me?2020-10-26T17:13:30+01:00

It will be a pleasure to help you focus on your music.

What is a Music Producer?2020-10-26T17:11:49+01:00

In the music industry, a producer is a figure very similar to what a director in a film would be. We like to consider ourselves as those who help you direct and define your music, with criteria you may not have considered.

Our intention is to get all the juice out of your subjects.

How can a Music Producer help me?2020-10-26T17:10:54+01:00

In our case we can help you from the recording of the voice, to achieve a good result in the execution with the help of a vocal coach.

What is the mixing?2020-10-26T17:09:52+01:00

The mixing process begins when all parts of your music have already been recorded and edited individually. It is a process in which the levels are adjusted, the instruments are equalized, audio compression is used, the instruments are distributed in the stereo space and depth is added to it with the effects. The mixing is ​​the part of the production in which your music will be defined the character it needs to have.

Why do I need to mix my recordings?2020-10-26T17:08:26+01:00

The music you have recorded needs to have a character of its own. In the recording, you spent time getting good audio shots and making the instruments the best played, but all this, you always did paying attention to very small details. In post-production, it’s time to open the focus and shape all of these sounds, so that they all work well together, to form a song.

What is mastering?2020-10-26T17:07:30+01:00

Mastering is the last process of the musical production of a song or group of songs before sending them to the factory and which consists, above all, in that they can be played in any medium, CD player, radio, car, phone, headphones, bluetooth speakers, streaming, etc.

Why do I need to master my songs?2020-10-26T17:06:34+01:00

The mixing is what will give character to your songs, with the mastering, we will make each song sound fantastic, giving the same color to the other tracks on your album.

Who is a session musician?2020-10-26T17:04:45+01:00

A session musician is the one who is able to play the scores the producer needs for the songs he is working on.

Who are your session musicians?2020-10-26T17:04:04+01:00

We work with different trusted freelance session musicians.

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